"How to Grow Beautiful Roses" Update

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It’s a bit over a week since I launched the “How to Grow Beautiful Roses” site. Although no sales have been made yet – and I really didn’t expect to have made any – here’s what I’ve done so far.

PayDotCom: Affiliate program has been added there.
Affiliate Directories: Submitted site to directories from that list.

3 affiliates signed up so far.

Article Marketing: Made one article,“Preparing to Grow Roses, or Laying the Foundation” , using material extracted from the book. Submitted it to Article Marketer.

Link Promotion: Submitted the site to General Free list from the Vilesilencer site.

The site is already in Google. According to Google Webmaster Tools, it currently ranks at 9 for the search term how to grow beautiful roses. Not bad going in about a week.

Promotion has gone fairly well, now to see how well the site does.

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