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This is an update on the Flash games I’ve been monetizing.

Quiz Me:

First, earnings from Kongregate. Total lifetime earnings here are $0.61.

Next, MochiAds earnings. Total earned here is $0.02. This game hasn’t been widely distributed, as there seem to be problem in getting the questions to load on some site. It’s only available on Kongregate, my Flash Games Site and Games Portal. There are no MochiAds earnings from Kongregate, as their ads cancel the Mochi ones out

MochiAds publisher earnings. I do, in theory, earn money from MochiAds games published on my own sites. However, there have not as yet been enough impressions to generate any revenue.

Total earned from the game to date $0.63

UFO Assault:

Kongregate earnings from this game are $0.62.

Next is MochiAds earnings. This game has had a much wider distribution than Quiz Me, being listed on 78 hosts according to MochiBot. Total earnings are $0.26.

Publisher earnings from my three sites. Again, not enough impressions to generate any revenue yet.

Total earnings from UFO Assault currently stand at $0.88.

Mars Slider:

Kongregate earnings from this game are the highest of the three games. Total earned to date is $1.80.

MochiAds earnings aren’t as good as UFO Assault, again due to lack of distribution. Total hosts listed at MochiBot is 20. I hadn’t distributed this as much as I was trying to fix a problem with the game. This has now been fixed I think, so I will use the GoofyGamer submission service to increase it’s distribution. Total earnings to date from Mochi are $0.05.

Once again, Mochi publisher impressions are too low to generate any revenue.

Total earned from Mars Slider to date is $1.85.

All Games:

Total earned from all three games so far is $3.40. This is not by any means a great success from a revenue generating point of view to date, especially considering how many hours it takes me to make a game. However, I was spending this time making the games anyway as a viral traffic tool. Any revenue is a bonus. Although it would be nice to make a decent hourly wage from them also.

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2 Responses to Flash Games Update

  1. Temujin says:

    ever tried getting sponsored for your games at flashgamelicense.com?

  2. Adrian says:

    As yet, no. Mostly because in some ways I am the sponsor, as I’m using them for self promotion.