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Mars Slider Submitted to GoofyGamer

I’ve finally remembered to submit the Mars Slider game to GoofyGamer. This should increase its’ distribution (currently, according to MochiBot, it’s present on 28 hosts) and therefore its’ MochiAds revenues.

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NeoBux Update

It’s been slightly over a week since a rented another 10 referrals from NeoBux, this time with AutoPay switched on. Here’s where things currently stand: Money invested: $5 Money received to AlertPay (after fees): $1.80 Renting balance (can only be … Continue reading

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I’ve decided to be a lot less generous with rewarding GetRef signup credits to people who join my programs. I’ve noticed with an awful lot of people, there entire activity in your program is join, then make credit claim. This … Continue reading

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NeoBux Referral Update

Well, my rented referrals from NeoBux have now expired. Total credited referral clicks was 404, earning $2.02. This was less than the $3 invested in purchasing them, however there were a number of factors that probably decreased their worth. During … Continue reading

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How to Study Birds

I’ve set up yet another ebook site, “How to Study Birds“, which is designed to sell an ebook of the same name, plus a free bonus ebook. There’s also an affiliate program, run by PayDotCom, which pays affiliates 50% on … Continue reading

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myLot Payment Received

I have received a payment of $11.09 from myLot. This is for affiliate earnings for December 2008.

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Yuwie December Earnings

Yuwie earnings for December are in. No money was actually made this month, due to insufficient activity by either me or my referrals.

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