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The 10Bux site is now back up and running. However, all existing payment requests were cancelled, and a new system introduced.

New payout system: the payout pages will be open whenever the administrator of the PaidClicks Network is online, for a few minutes, several times per day. This way the accounts will be audited right after that, and the payments will be sent, via PayPal or AlertPay, much quicker, usually within a few minutes after the request. All pending payouts have been refunded. This solution may not be liked by everyone, but this was the best way we found to be able to send payouts in a lightning fast time, one of the main things which turned the PaidClicks Network in a respected and well-known company in the PTC business for much time, since our beginning almost a year ago.

Can’t say I really like the idea. Although prompt payment is good, the chance of being online during the few minutes that you can cash out every day could be pretty small, especially if you’re in a substantially different time zone.

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