Another Game Added to Kongregate

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I added another Flash game, UFO Assault, to Kongregate. It’s a game I made a while ago, and I made a couple of improvements to it before adding it. Hasn’t been rated as well as Quiz Me though, only receiving a rating of 1.56 so far. Various comments, some useful like:

the turning is insanely touchy. The shooting is annoying – need to be able to shoot multiple shots. Pressing again should not cancel out your previous shot.

which gives me some ideas for improving the game. Some less than useful like “suckage” which isn’t helpful at all. Still, can’t get annoyed when someone who is probably pretty young posts something like that.

On the plus side, Quiz Me’s rating is now up to 2.03, which means it will now be visible in the lists. Could do with being higher, just to be safe.

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