10Bux (hopefully) Back Soon

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I visited the 10Bux website to see if it was still gone, and found this message posted there:


We’re finally coming back.
After a few days with DDoS attack problems, we had to dump our former host (Liquid Web) and find a new one, which could offer us some protection for those kind of attacks.
It wasn’t an easy task, as those companies offering DDoS protection have outrageous prices, but we finally found something worth a try.
We will keep the websites shut down for a few more days, to correct some bugs and add new features which we’re sure you will like.
We want to be fully operational at the moment of our return, so if you have patiently waited until now, I’m sure you don’t mind waiting a few days more to see some improvements. :)
Premium members and banner advertisements will, of course, have their expiration dates extended.

Our expected return date is Sunday, September 21st. Until then, stay tuned!

Best regards, the PaidClicks Network administration.

Seems they’re not permanently gone after all. For some reason, these type of sites seem to suffer from a lot of attacks against them

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