e-gold Hacked Again

  • SumoMe

I posted some time ago about my dislike for e-gold because you have no recourse if your account is hacked. Well, the first time it happened, I specifically opened an e-gold account to keep most of my money in. I don’t use this account anywhere else, and it’s supposed to send out a pin request if your IP address is different from the previous time you logged on.

I’ve just checked this account, and someone still managed to break into it and empty it, this time to the tune of $18.85. More money gone with no recourse. As a payment processor, e-gold is totally useless and unsecure. DO NOT USE IT.

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  1. Adrian says:

    And yet another account has been broken into. This means every single account I’ve held with e-gold has been hacked and emptied at least once.

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