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Bux3 and WorldBux Back

Bux3 and WorldBux are backup, with by the looks of things minimal data loss. Still waiting on payments from both of them, and the attacks aren’t helping. PlusBux is still parked on GoDaddy, so it looks like that’s gone, and … Continue reading

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Qassia Crawled

Qassia has crawled my main site again, this time generating Q$445. They have also now come out of private beta, so it is now possible for anyone to sign up.

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More Steps to Get Your Article Declined

Here are some other faults I’ve come across with submitted articles that can get them rejected. Problems With Pen Names If you submit articles you’ve written on the different article directories around, you will more than likely find that these … Continue reading

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I Made a Lens

I’ve made and published a lens on Squidoo. Okay, there isn’t much there yet, as I’m still feeling my way around, but lenses can apparently be good sources of traffic, as well as generating some income. Lets see how it … Continue reading

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Bux3 Back (nearly)

Well, it appears Bux3 hasn’t totally gone. There was a message on the domain earlier saying that they were recovering from a database hack – not the first one either I think – and now the site is there, although … Continue reading

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SFI Paid

I’ve received a payment of $51.80 from SFI, this being my accumulated commissions for several months, and the amount owing having passed the $50 PayPal payment threshold. The amount paid isn’t, unfortunately, more than my current costs, although it’s nice … Continue reading

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Another Random Referral

I’ve just received my seventh random referral from Yuwie.They don’t appear too active as yet though.

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