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If you have a blog, it’s going to have an XML, Atom, or RSS feed. Mine, for this blog, is

Now, one type of place you can promote this is forums. Some forums, for example DigitalPoint and VileSilencer, allow you to add your blog feed to your profile. Others will allow this also. Both of these forums run on vBulletin, so check those out first. Not all blogs are compatible though. Current ones supported, as stated on DP, are Blogger, Movable Type, WordPress and MySpace.

Go into your User Control Panel, and, usually, look for “Edit Options” link. Click this, and where this feature is enabled, you will see a box that allows you to enter your feed URL – see the first picture. Enter your URL there.

Your last post will then be displayed, with a clickable link, under your username, avatar, etc. everytime you post – see second picture.This may drive traffic to your blog from other forum members clicking the link, and, if the forum is popular, can also drive search engine spiders, and thus traffic, there also.

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