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Sixth Yuwie Random Referral

I’ve just received my sixth random referral from Yuwie. Initial appearances are showing the referral to be active.

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Qassia Crawled

My web directory has had another crawl done by Qassia, this time generating Q$396. Sometimes, I’d like to be able to answer comments, or rate the ratings, on bits of intel I publish there, having had two people complain that … Continue reading

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PlusBux Back Up

PlusBux is now back up. Or, rather, PlusBux v3 is back up. Looks like the downtime was due to an upgrade being carried out, a promising sign.

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Second Second Level Yuwie Referral

I’ve just noticed that I’ve gained my second Level 2 referral at Yuwie. Given that it’s under my most active referral, it’s probably another random referral.

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Plusbux Still Down

Plusbux is still down. I checked on another ISP, due to the annoying search redirect my main ISP uses, and it is down. Could be just a server outage, will have to wait and see.

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Domain Names

If you market on the internet, odds are at some point you’re going to need to purchase a domain name. My personal preference is for GoDaddy. I’ve found them to be possibly the cheapest registrar, as long as you’re careful … Continue reading

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Feed Pinging

I’ve been trying something new. I have a number of feeds burned at FeedBurner. Now, normally when I update a blog, I ping the feed using Pingates. For those feeds that I’ve also burned at FeedBurner, I’m also pinging that … Continue reading

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