GetRef Gold Membership Update

  • SumoMe

My gold membership at GetRef has just expired. During my gold membership, I received 17 random referrals (indicated in gold in the first screen capture). Three of these have, so far, earned me credits from their efforts.

In addition, I also have nine level 2 referrals and three level 3. I can’t tell whether these were from gold member random referrals promoting their own referral link, but I think there is quite a good chance.

Finally. I earned $0.02 in income, as shown in the third screen capture. Not exactly massive, I know, but better than nothing. I also earned a number of credits from referrals efforts, although I didn’t make a note of how many. Probably somewhere in the region of 16 or so. Enough to get a few referrals at some of the programs I’m promoting.

I’m not going to renew the gold membership immediately, although I will do it again at some point.

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