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Another Yuwie Referral

I’ve just got another referral to Yuwie. This wasn’t a random referral, or one got through any promotions I have run, so it must have been through my signup link somewhere. Perhaps from this blog.

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myLot Update

After a sluggish start to the month, my myLot earnings have significantly picked up again, mostly due to referral efforts. Although I didn’t make the payment threshold this month, I should hopefully reach it next month.

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GetRef Gold Membership Renewed

I’ve renewed my gold membership at GetRef today for $4.99. I currently have $0.02 in cash earned, 15.235 credits, 43 first level, 9 second level and 3 third level members. I’m making a note of all these to see how … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing Centre

The Internet Marketing Centre, run by Derek Gehl, has a whole bunch of software and information products for the internet marketer. There’s also a sub-affiliate program, so you can earn money from sub-affiliates you recruit. Payments are made by check … Continue reading

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Aviva Directory Affiliate Program

The Aviva affiliate program is similar to the V7N one. You receive $20 commission for each sale made through your affiliate link. Payment is made after money owed passes $50. I haven’t yet made any sales with this affiliate program, … Continue reading

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I’m up to 30 subscribers who have signed up to WeeklyPLRArticles and confirmed their subscriptions (I’ve half a dozen more who haven’t confirmed). Not really enough to try sending out a broadcast to the list promoting something. Doubt I’d get … Continue reading

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Another V7N Payment Received

I’ve just received another $25 payment from V7N into my PayPal account. Total received is now $325. This was an affiliate sale from only a couple of weeks back too, so very fast payment this time.

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