TextLinkBrokers is a service which allows approved websites to sell links on their site, text link ads or through hosted marketing pages. Now, whilst this can generate a useful source of revenue for webmasters, Google recently threw a hissy fit regarding people selling links without “nofollow” tags on their websites, claiming that it was being used to artificially manipulate the search results.

Personally, I consider that a bit off, since Google manipulates their search results anyway, by putting sponsored links at the top, Okay, many, if not all, internet marketers know that the top links on Google are paid for advertisements, but everyone I know who isn’t an internet marketer doesn’t. They instead think those links are at the top because they are the best, not because someone paid for their site to be there. Seems like a case of do as I say, not do as I do on Google’s part.

So, before using TextLinkBrokers, decide whether or not it will be worth it. The income may be good, but Google may decide to be nasty towards you for doing it. Payment is made by PayPal when your account passes $100.

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