Branded Flash Games

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Flash games are very popular computer games that make use of Adobe’s (formally Macromedia) Flash player. By adding links to their website in the games, then distributing those games free of charge to any who want them, companies are able to get their site linked to from dozens of others. Okay, links embedded in a Flash game are pretty hard for a search engine to read, but people can click them and go straight to their site directly from the game, rather than a search engine.

Whilst the biggest users of branded Flash games are undoubtedly games sites, such as Miniclip (although they don’t seem to actually give the swf files away any longer), many other businesses have used Flash games as a way to promote themselves. Usually, in these cases, the games will be relevant to what they’re selling. Car companies for instance tend to use driving games for their promotions.

I use a number of Flash games to promote my main games site, currently one purchased, and the rest I made myself. Okay, they aren’t the best games around, but I don’t have Miniclip’s budget.

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