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Link Referral

I’ve decided to stop promoting Yuwie on Link Referral, as to date I’ve had no success at all doing so. Instead, I’ve decided to try promoting WeeklyPLRArticles.

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What Are Traffic Exchanges?

Traffic Exchanges are sites where, typically, you visit other members websites. In return, other members will visit your website(s). Link Referral and Traffic Swarm are two examples of this type of traffic exchange. These types of sites are, however, against … Continue reading

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48 GetRef Referrals

I now have a total of 48 referrals at GetRef; 39 first level and 9 second level, although not all of them are currently active by any stretch. I believe that one of my first levels has purchased a gold … Continue reading

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Well Qassia has done a crawl of my main web directory, which I’d put a banner on for their sticker mania promo, and I’ve received a total of 363 Qassia dollars for the crawl. Boosts my sites in the rankings … Continue reading

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What is Contextual Advertising?

I have referred to BidVertiser and Google AdSense/Adwords as being examples of Contextual Advertising. Another example is the Yahoo Publisher Network (which is currently only accepting sites that have a predominately US & English base). So, what is it? Contextual … Continue reading

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BidVertiser is another contextual advertising program, similar to Google AdSense/AdWords where you get paid from clickthroughs of ads placed on your site. It also includes a referral program, where you can earn from referring publishers or advertisers to the program. … Continue reading

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Isabelmarco’s Moneymaker

Isabelmarco’s Moneymaker is another Paid to Click program I’m a member of. You receive $0.01 for every site you visit, and $0.07 for every site visited by your direct referrals. These amounts increase for premium (paying) members. Some clicks do … Continue reading

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