On the first page of Google

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For some terms at least. This blog has been going for about six weeks now, and, according to the search query data from Google Webmaster Tools (free, and useful, I’d recommend them) it already appears on Google‘s first page for a number of search queries. I’ve checked them myself, and yes, it’s there.

Now, I haven’t yet done a huge amount of site promotion. I’ve submitted to a few free directories from the Vilesilencer list, but the blog is still too new to get accepted in a lot of places.

I’ve added the RSS feed to my Yuwie profile, Feedburner and MyYahoo. Mostly, what I think has done it has been adding a new post every day, then pinging it using Pingates. Looking at the search terms for which the blog is ranking well, they all are in the title of one (or more) post titles.

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